East Meadow

EMFD Spreads Holiday Cheer Across Town

With the 2023 holiday season in full swing, the time came for East Meadow volunteers to hit the streets to spread holiday cheer throughout our community.

Holiday Safety

EMFD STRESSES ADDITIONAL SAFETY DURING THE HOLIDAYS In years past, your several Long Island Fire Departments have responded to serious fires during the holiday. In some cases, holiday lighting or […]

EMFD Fire Prevention Week

Volunteers from all 7 East Meadow Fire Department companies put together a show of knowledge, and technique, all while teaching fire safety to the residents of East Meadow.

EMFD Warns of Lithium Battery Dangers

For the past several years, Lithium Batteries have become more common in our everyday lives. Whether it powers your cell phone, I Pad, laptop, scooter, golf cart, E Bikes, or other battery powered interest, rest assured you have purchased a Lithium battery at one time or another.