East Meadow

To Report a Fire or Medical Emergency

An Important Note on Dialing 911:

DIALING 911 is an excellent link to emergency assistance when you need it.

It will get you the Police, an Ambulance, or the East Meadow Fire Department.

However… Calls for the East Meadow Fire Department that come in from 911 will actually be relayed to the 0576 number hence adding time to the response of firefighters.

The East Meadow Fire Department urges that, when you request the emergency assistance of the East Meadow Fire Department, the quickest manner to do so is by calling 516-542-0576 directly.

Direct calls to the EMFD 0576 number will yield our professional communications staff on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to handle your emergency.

Got a Question or Business Call Need?

If you need the East Meadow Fire Department for a business reason, or to ask a non emergency related question, call 516-542-0578, and follow the voicemail prompts. Or reach us via our online contact form here and a member of our team will respond to it promptly.

Phone Stickers

Display our phone stickers on your refrigerator and phones.

If you do not have a phone sticker, E Mail us here and a set will be delivered to your address.