East Meadow

east Meadow Fire Department

Radio Signals & Translations

1Urgent Situation. No Unecessary Radio Traffic
3Unit Involved in an Accident
4Unit Involved in an Accident
5Activate Traffic Light
6Standy By for Orders
7Release Members in Quarters
8Still Alarm
9EMS, Call Emergency/Rescue
10Working Fire
11Call by Landline
12Fire Under Control/Scene Under Control. Proceed with Caution
12ASCBA no longer needed.
13Return to Quarters
14Request for Police (14A PD Amb, 14R PD ESU)
15Radio Check
16</spanRequest a Doctor
17Unit Out of Service
18Unit in Service (Available)
19Unit Leaving the Fire District
20Unit Returning to Fire District
21Unit Responding to Scene
21HTransporting to a Hospital
22Unit Arrived on Scene
22H Arriving at a Hospital
23Message Received
24Request for the Fire Marshal (Routine)
25Request for Fire Marshal (Immediate)
25DRequest for Fire Marshal (Death Involved)
25HMRequest for Fire Marshal Haz Mat Team
26Request the Health Department
27ERequest the Electric Utility Co (PSE&G)
27GRequest the Gas Utility Co (Keyspan)
27HRequest for Highway Department
27WRequest for Long Island Rail Road
28Request Personnel to Refill Air Cylinders
29Request Chaplain to the Scene
30Request Refreshments to the Scene (Ladies Aux)
31Request for Fuel
32Re-Inforce Initial Alert for Manpower
33Request for Mutual Aid
34Invalid in Building
35Switch the County-Wide Frequency
36Switch to Battalion Frequency
37Switch the Unit to Unit Frequency
38Training / Drill
39Verify Alarm Location
40Give Unit Location
41Evacuate Building (Sound Sirens and Horns)
49D.O.A (Deceased)
50Request Police (Civil Disturbance)
61Transport Patient to Hospital
62Release from the Hospital
63Harzardous Road Conditions Use Caution
65Department or Company Meeting
66Police Response with the FD
68Members Address
82Out on Fund Drive Detail
83Out on Chauffeur / Operator Training
88Softball Practice
98First Pumper in Connect to a Hydrant and Stretch Attack Hose