East Meadow

Michael J. Wood

3rd Assistant Chief

In 1995, a young man named Michael Wood joined the East Meadow Junior Fire Company. He was 14. As the years passed, Mike absorbed as much knowledge about firefighting as he possibly could.

Becoming of age, Michael joined as a firefighter in Hook & Ladder Company # 1 in 1999.

Married to his long time sweetheart Caryn, the two have 2 boys, one of which is now a member of Engine Company # 3.

Michael remained an active member of Hook & Ladder Co # 1 for 8 years.

Years later, Mike would relocate with his wife Caryn, settle down, and start a family all the while servicing our community but now as a members of Engine Company # 3 joining on March 14, 2002..

Then on March 14, 2002, with so much time served, and the balance of expertise accrued through years as a firefighter in both a Ladder Company and Engine Company, it became clear that Mike would have a fine balance of knowledge, and leadership in two vitals areas of firefighting.

Along the way, Mike would receive five awards for top 5 most calls answered. He was also recognized in 2019, receiving the Company training award, and was awarded Fireman of the Year in 2020.

In April of 2012, Mike would be elected to the position of 2nd Lieutenant of Engine 3. He would immediately rise up through the company ranks to 1st Lieutenant in 2013, and on to Captain of the company in 2014.

In 2015, Mike was elected once again to the position of 1st Lieutenant. He would again climb to the top as Captain in 2016.

In 2020, Mike saw another opportunity to lead his beloved Engine 3, as he was elected 2nd Lieutenant once more.

But Mike’s desire to serve our department and community at a higher level was evident for many years.

And, in April of 2022, Mike would run and be elected 3rd Assistant Chief of the Department.

No not just in charge of one fire company. Mike’s leadership role had quickly expanded to seven.

His service to our community spans more than 20 years, in addition to his Junior Fire Company service..

Mike’s brother Danny Wood is also a long time member, and current Captain of Engine Company # 3, a company identified as the “Pride of the Meadow”.

Today Mike is the Vice President of retail and sales for B2B Soft, a software company that specializes in the telecommunications industries. He area of expertise affords him to opportunity to working with firms such as Verizon, AT&T, Lattice, and other cellular phone carriers with business solution.

Please join us as we welcome our newest 3rd Asst Chief Michael Wood.

Without a doubt, Chief Woods brings so much to our organization in commitment, leadership, knowledge, and the dedication that our members have come to expect.

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