East Meadow


Joseph L. Krilov


Chris MacKay



Brian Messina

Ex-Captain E4 EMT-B

Chris MacKay

Firefighter E1 EMT-B

Edward J. Brennan

Ex-Captain L2 EMT- CC

Francis A. Pollicino

Firefighter E3 EMT-P

George Choy

Ex-Captain R5 EMT-P

Joseph L. Krilov

Firefighter L1 AEMT

Kacey E. Cheswick

Firefighter L2 EMT-B

Michael Strauber

Ex-Captain R5 EMT-P

Omar Benthami

Firefighter E4 EMT-B

Paul J. Kosiba

Ex-Chief E4 EMT-B

Robin Fitzpatrick

Firemedic R5 AEMT

Shane Wilson

Firefighter E3 EMT-B

Will Bedoya

Firefighter E4 EMT-P

Established in 1989

The Firemedic Squad was established by the Board of Fire Commissioners in 1989. This unit is composed of members of the Department who have attained the New York State Certifications and volunteer to serve in and operate the specially equipped vehicle provided by the Fire District. This duty is in addition to their regular company functions. The unit pictured contains the most modern emergency portable equipment available which include the ability to communicate with the Nassau University Medical Center doctors who monitor conditions and give orders on what treatment to administer. When the patient arrives at the hospital, the doctor and staff are prepared to continue the treatment with no delay.


Active Apparatus

6199 Advanced Life Support

Fire-Medic Squad