East Meadow

Our 7 Companies

Your East Meadow Fire Department consists of 7 companies in 5 stations. The station you are assigned to would depend on your preference and your location in town.

There Are 4 Engine Companies:

Primary Responsibilities

Their job is ultimately to extinguish the fire. The Engine Company will connect to a hydrant, stretch their hose, and attack the fire. (Probably the biggest thrill you will have as a member). Aside from fire Calls, Engine Companies also respond to auto accidents, fuel spills, downed wires, gas emergencies, and so on.

There Are 2 Ladder Companies:

Primary Responsibilities

Their job at a fire is the search and rescue of any persons trapped, confining the fire, forcing doors to assist the Engine in getting to the fire room, as well as opening the roof, and/or windows to vent and remove heat for the interior teams, while controlling fire spread. Ladder Companies will also be called upon for auto accidents, as well as downed wires, carbon monoxide emergencies, gas emergencies, and so on.

There is 1 Rescue Company:

Primary Responsibilities

Rescue 5 responds to all EMS emergency calls in their designated areas, while Rescue Squad 4 a part of Engine 4
primarily handles the North side of Hempstead Tpke. Both the Company and squad also respond to motor vehicle
accidents, mutual aid requests to other departments, major fires, and any other alarm requiring the need for
medical assistance.