East Meadow

6155 Safety Officer Squad

Keith J. Hoffman



Daniel S. Corr


Joseph Duggan


James J. Kane

Ex Chief

Edward Licciardo


John J. O’Brien Sr.


Jeffrey A. Rosenthal

3rd Assistant Chief

Martin Sisca

Ex Captain


Active Apparatus

6155 Safety Officer Squad

2016 Chevrolet Tahoe

The East Meadow Fire Department Safety Officer Squad was formed in 1989 as a result of mandates by the National Fire Protection Association requiring all fire services agencies to have designated Safety Officers.

The job of the Safety Officer is to respond to all fire department emergencies, and carefully monitor, and evaluate emergency procedures at a fire or EMS incident.

The squad consists of East Meadow volunteers who have furthered their fire service expertise in an effort to reduce injury or death to firefighters, and other responders.

These members, many of them Ex Chiefs, or Ex Captains, having long term service in our department have attended additional schooling on subjects such as building construction, strategies and tactics, and fire scene safety, in additional to all the courses required of a firefighter. They are responsible for watching over fire scenes and department operations to ensure safe procedures are carried out. They have the authority to stop an operation at a fire scene that could potentially endanger emergency personnel.

The East Meadow Fire Safety Officer can often be seen responding in Safety Officer vehicle 6155 pictured above.