East Meadow

EMFD Fire Prevention Week

On October 15th, volunteers from all 7 East Meadow Fire Department companies put together a show of knowledge, and technique, all while teaching fire safety to the residents of East Meadow. It was a day for kids and parents alike to take a ride in our fire trucks, to bring home a fire helmet, or coloring book, and maybe some fire safety information.

Residents were also treated to live demonstrations on how to safely control a stove fire, or to see firefighters cut open a rooftop to vent the smoke and heat of a fire, meet our EMTs and see the inside of an ambulance, or the see the live demonstrations of vehicle extrication.

Visitors were treated to meet our New York State Police, as well as our Nassau County Fire Marshals who provided demonstrations of their drone commonly used in today’s major fire, or hazmat where an aerial view can be of help.

But the day was also a big hit for our members who volunteer their time every day, now having a chance to meet our residents under less stressful conditions.

Our Ladies Auxiliary were on hand serving hot dogs and drinks adding to the success of the day.

As special thanks to Ex Chief / Chairman Joseph Lennon and his committee for all their hard work and planning not just this event, but all the visits to our local schools in the weeks prior.

Thank you’s are also in order for our Fire Chiefs and Board of Fire Commissioners, who provided the necessary support in making these events a success.

PHOTOS: Jay Zinger
STORY: John J. O’Brien Sr