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Now Accepting New Members


Your East Meadow Volunteer Fire Department is aggressively looking for new members to become Firefighters and or Medical Technicians. As an East Meadow volunteer, making the difference in someone else’s tragedy gives you a feeling not easily duplicated. Whether it is a carbon monoxide emergency averted by a quick response, or an unconscious diabetic quickly stabilized, or a house fire held to one room saving a neighbor’s most precious valuables, it’s a great feeling to be a part of the team that made the difference. In recent years we have witnessed a surge of mid aged men and women throughout the county applying. Such individuals bring a lot to the table in maturity, confidence, and respect. They are excelling well, and enjoy their fire service work. There is no better feeling than being there in someone’s time of need. Openings are available in all fire and ems companies. There is no experience necessary. We train you to be the best. Research of our membership has found a large majority have gone on to lead successful careers as a result of joining our volunteer Fire Department. Your East Meadow Fire Department consists of men and women from all walks who have developed careers as FDNY Firefighters, Paramedics, Police Officers, Corrections Officers, Fire Dispatchers, Fire District Supervisors, Fire Marshals, Training Instructors, just to name a few. Many men and women have used their experiences gained here as a stepping stone. We see our department as a network of people who always have a desire to help one another as well as our community. To become a member of the EMFD family the procedure is simple. You can call our Recruitment hot line at 542-4565, complete our on-line form, or e-mail us at [email protected].

In most cases you can select the company you wish to join provided you are geographically located in that area of town. For this please take a look at our new website where you can find “Become and firefighter or EMT” on the home page with all the information you need. Prospective members must meet the following criteria: Pass a fire service related medical evaluation yearly, be a US Citizen, reside in the East Meadow Fire District for a period of 6 months or more, and have never been convicted of a felony. Other benefits to becoming a member are a small tax reduction after 5 years of satisfactory service available to all East Meadow firefighters and medical technicians who own a home, as well as a “Length of Service Award Program” which builds a pension-like fund for all members maturing at the age of 55. Maybe your interested in the free college tuition offer at Nassau Community College, or our free gym membership to remain fit. The following photos are a tribute to your East Meadow volunteers. Picture yourself in any photo and you may be the next resident to raise your right hand to be sworn in.

We urge any persons who have any thought of volunteering to please call us at 516-542-0580. You can also see all the information, a video, as well as complete an application (if you wish) at our website at www.east.meadowfd.com. There is never an obligation to call and learn more.
PHOTOs and STORY: John J. O’Brien


For many of us, a long day at work can end with a relaxing night at home with our families. Much of the same holds true for the volunteers at the East Meadow Fire Department as well, however, on a regular basis, day or night, these men and women will jump to their feet, and make a run for their cars.

In an instant, the pager blares with a report of a house fire, or maybe a neighbor suffering a serious illness.

Within seconds, calm becomes adrenalin as the members respond to their respective fire stations, gear up, and board the rigs.

All this is happening as our Chiefs are already en-route directly to the emergency.

The residents of the East Meadow fire district are fornunate to have one of the most dedicated and caring organizations as any other in the nation.

In a world where many homeowners work two jobs, there is comfort to know that our organization has such intensity when someone needs them the most.

But who are these people?

They are our neighbors. The family next door. So focused on helping others that it’s part of their everyday life.

They are career firefighters from the big city, police officers, emergency medical professionals, accountants, construction workers, landscapers, college students, and more.

But how can you tell who they are?

They are the family members next door who make certain their keys are easily accessible before sleep, or the person who lays out their clothing next to the bed at night. They are the people who scrape the ice off their windshield in the early morning even though they have nowhere to go.

A Blizzard?? You may not see them for days as all members are summoned to their stations for an emergency standby. They can often be seen driving too work, and suddenly turning around because an emergency just came in.

There’s no time to waste.

When the pager sounds, you are either on the first rig out, or you are every other firefighter or EMT who wishes they were.

Whomever this person is, he or she goes to bed each night fully prepared for what they are trained for.

One minute they are asleep. But five to eight minutes later, they are working in the darkness of the icy Meadowbrook State Parkway, using the jaws of life to free a stranger from a car wreck, while EMTS treat the injured.

But it’s not just the calls. You need to be the best in East Meadow.

Every company trains weekly. Meetings are monthly. Different committees meet every other month or so to keep the professional infrastructure that has made our organization what it is today.

Maintaining equipment is just one more critical obligation. Whether it’s running our power saws, or hydraulic cutting tools weekly, or carefully looking over our ambulance medications, defibrillator performance, and more, it all comes into focus when a life is saved.

You may not know many of them. You may see them each year as they march proudly down Prospect Avenue on Memorial Day. Or maybe you had an emergency and remembered that face of the stranger you needed to most on that day.

At a time when many volunteer organizations struggle to remain afloat, your East Meadow Fire Department maintains a continued strong community presence with many types of emergencies still handled by individual companies, with no need for others to be called upon.

But each year it gets more difficult to recruit new volunteers. If you’d like information on how you can become a member of this great organization, please visit our website at EastMeadowFD.Com where you can see our video, read all about the choices you have, and complete our online application if you desire. Learn more about the benefits of being a member such as a pension-like award, free college tuition at Nassau Community College, free gym membership, discount on your homeowner’s taxes, and more. Those who join will enjoy their new extended family. Become one of the best, and work side by side with many of the most respected fire and EMS professionals on Long Island.

There is no obligation to learn more. Call us today at 516-542-0580 or check out our website at eastmeadowfd.com.