East Meadow

James Dooling

James was born Sept. 2, 1914 to James Sr. and Elizabeth Lyons. James married Carmen on July 4, 1943 and lived in Hollis, Queens. He served in the US Army […]

Richard Schmaeling

Dick was born July 14, 1927. During WWII Dick served the US Navy aboard a refueling tanker in the Pacific. He was honorably discharged on July 7, 1946 a Fireman […]

Irv Schwimmer

Irv was born on Feb. 1, 1914. Irv joined the East Meadow Fire Department in 1957. He was very active and served as 1st Lt. in 1961 and again in […]

Michael Lupski

Mike was born on Nov. 24th, 1907. Mike joined the East Meadow Firemen’s Association in 1923 and became a charter member of Company 1 on April 3, 1930. He joined […]

Frank Cordeira

Frank was born July 7th, 1913. Frank married Mildred and settled in East Meadow. Frank joined the East Meadow Fire Department Engine Company 2 in March of 1943. After 12 […]

Elmer Oakley Wood

Elmer was born June 1st, 1917 to Angeline and Freeman Wood and lived on a dirt road we now know as Hempstead Turnpike. Elmer and Marie Lebkuecher (oldest sister of […]

Walter Hoeffner

Walter was born July 28, 1920 on the family farm where the Hoeffner’s had lived since his father purchased the East Meadow Hotel in 1914. Joined the East Meadow Fire […]