East Meadow

EMFD Quick to Respond to Chestnut Lane House Fire

On September 11, 2023, at 2:36pm EMFD radios were alerted by Nassau County Firecom for a House Fire on Chestnut Lane off Prospect Avenue.

One minute later, 1st Asst Chief James Walsh radioed his response, soon followed by 2nd Asst Chief Michael Wood.

The Chiefs would be followed by their seven companies with Ladder 1 and Engine 2 first out within 3 minutes of the alert.

First on scene, Asst Chief Walsh radioed “Smoke Showing”. A notification to all firefighters for the first engine in to connect to a hydrant and stretch attack hose lines, as well as to prepare all responding firefighters to take extra care in checking their protective equipment enroute for a battle ahead. (Signal 98)

But on this day the EMFD had help. As Chief Walsh arrived, he found employees from the nearby auto body shop training a garden hose on the home’s exterior.

With a quick check of the interior, Chief Walsh radioed he had fire in the attic as Ladder 617 and Engine 612 arrived simultaneously.

As ladder 1 members moved in to prepare for any search of occupants, locate the fire, and confine the fire, Engine 2 members connected to a nearby fire hydrant and stretched in for the attack.

Within 10 minutes of the arrival, all visible fire had been knocked down as Engine 614, Engine 611, Engine 613, Ladder 619, Heavy Rescue 616, and Ambulance 615 filled the street bringing additional members.

To ensure sufficient coverage in the district for any other alarms, Asst Chief Walsh requested, one Engine (Uniondale FD), one Ladder (North Bellmore FD), and one Ambulance (North Merrick FD) to report to EMFD Station 1 for mutual aid standby.

Damage to the home was held to a portion of the rear exterior wall and a small area of the attic, largely with the help of the employees at the neighboring High Grade Auto Body Shop who had a garden hose trained on the flames slowing down the advancement of the fire.

The fire investigation was place in the hands of the Nassau County Fire Marshal’s Office.

In all, 55 East Meadow volunteers responded to the fire. There were no Injuries.