East Meadow


Photos past and present of Engine Company #3 of the East Meadow Fire Department.


View the current apparatus of Engine Company #3 of the East Meadow Fire Department.

Our History

In the fall of 1948, Levitt and Sons had just completed building their sprawling suburban community, now named Levittown, on the farmland to the eastern side of East Meadow. On the evening of October 29, the newly appointed captain of Company 3 was meeting with prospective members, who, a few weeks later, would be sworn into the department as the first members of company.

Fireman of the Year

Engine Company #3 of the East Meadow Fire Department recognizes one outstanding firefighter every year for their Fireman of the Year award. Here are those dedicated and passionate recipients of this award over the years.

Departed Members

We proudly recognize the individuals who gave so much to our organization and who have passed on. Their contributions left a positive mark on the community and the organization. They will never be forgotten.

Past Leadership

A look at the members of Engine Company #3 who served as Chief of the East Meadow Fire Department as well as all of the men and women who served as Captain of Engine Company #3 since its inception.

Engine Company #3

This is the third company formed by The East Meadow Fire Department. The first meeting of Hose Company #3 was held at the Newbridge Avenue firehouse on October 29, 1948. the need for this company became urgent as Arthur Levitt rapidly developed Levittown.