East Meadow

EMFD Called to Extinguish House Fire

At 4:12pm Mon April 3rd East Meadow FD Communications received a call from Nassau County Firecon for a report of a House Fire on Stephen Street in Levittown. An area covered with the boundaries of the East Meadow Fire District.

At 4:13 PM Chief of Department Peter S. Cheswick radioed his response quickly followed by Asst Chiefs Phil Fertitta, James Walsh and Safety Officer unit 6155.

Upon their response EMFD Dispatch radioed additional information that the County had received a couple of calls on this fire.

At 4:15 Unit 6155 manned by Capt/Ex-Chief Thomas Tergesen arrived on the scene radioing “Smoke Showing”. After a quick evaluation a Signal 10 was transmitted with the additional information that everyone was out of the house.

At 4:17pm the first of East Meadow’s general Alarm response was on the road in Engine 612, followed by Ladder 617, Ladder 619, Engine 614, Engine 613, Heavy Rescue 616 and ambulance 615 all radio’s their response.

With the fire rapidly spreading from the kitchen into the attic first due Engine 613 came done the street, connected to the fire hydrant and quickly stretched (2) attack hose line to the front door as several other units converged in the scene.

For more than 30 minutes, East Meadow Volunteers battled the flames on the first floor and attic as Ladder company firefighters worked to pull the ceiling to get at the raging fire above. Also quickly on the scene was Hicksville Ladder 931 who establish a FAST (Firefighter Asst Search Team) and additional firefighters to join the battle.

Within 40 minutes, all visible fire was knocked down as firefighters continued to pull apart and extinguish hidden pockets of fire.

In all 68 East Meadow volunteers responded to the blaze, with another 20 volunteers from Hiscville, Levittown, North Bellmore, and North Merrick who were dispatch to the fire or covered the empty East Meadow Fire Stations.

Other assistance came in the form of PSE&G, Nassau County Police, and the EMFD Ladies Auxiliary who served cold energy drinks to the spent firefighters.

There was one other fire call in town during the fire which was quickly handled by the mutual aid companies.

The cause of the fire was placed into the hands of the Nassau County Fire Marshals for determination. There were no injuries.