East Meadow

1971 Mack

1500 GPM Pumper
In May of 1971, The Mack had arrived. The “Super Pumper” was the first 1500 GPM pumper in East Meadow. It had a total of 13 places where you could discharge water. It was the first engine to have both rear and front discharges, a top mounted stang gun already tied into it’s own discharge, and a 4” front suction intake as well as side and rear intakes. There were only a few of these models in the country with Bethpage having the other one on Long Island. After months of hard training, Engine 2 put their new 612 in service in August of 1971. It served as such until February 25, 1990 when it became a spare pumper and known as 6112. The Mack was still maintained by Engine 2 and rolled second due remained as such until it was taken out of service on September 17, 1995, then sent upstate to its new home in Andes, New York on May 1, 1996.