East Meadow

Firefighter - Engine Company #3

James H. Landrigan

James Landrigan joined Engine Company # 2 on October 16, 1961. It would not be long before Jimmy would become an asset to the department.

Jimmy quickly became a chauffeur, and in 1963 he was elected to the position of 2nd Lieutenant.  His knowledge and leadership paved the way for his rise to 1st Lieutenant in 1964, and on to Captain in 1965.

In 1968, Jimmy’s continued commitment and dedication to our community led him to rise through the ranks again as 2nd Lieutenant in 1968, and on to Captain in 1970.

In 1976 Jimmy was awarded Life Membership for all his years of service.

Committed to his beloved Engine Company 2, Jimmy continued to attend trainings and alarms.

On Wednesday September 28, 1977, while out on a company training on Newbridge Road, Jimmy collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. Assisted by Ladder Company 2 who were out on a training of their own, members of Engine Company 2 were able to revive Jimmy. Rescue 5 soon arrived, took over care, and transported him to the Nassau County Medical Center.

While at the hospital, Jimmy suffered a series of strokes and a massive heart attack.  Hours later, at approximately 3:00am on September 29th, Ex Captain James H. Landrigan became Engine Company # 2’s first line of duty fatality.

Because of his dedication, Jimmy still finished the year in 5th place for most alarms answers, having not even lived the last 3 months of the year.

Jimmy was a printer by trade , but his many talents were evident around the firehouse as Jimmy was an important member of the Saturday work crew.

After his passing, the members felt so strongly about Jimmy’s service to Engine 2 that a plaque was made and erected in the firehouse.

At the same time his badge number was retired. No other Engine Company # 2 member shall ever wear badge 248 again. At the time of his death his Ex wife and two teenage daughters Patti and Donna, survived him.

Other Members Making the Supreme Sacrifice

Walter A. Ernst

Walter Ernst joined Engine Company # 4 on May 15, 1972. He resided at 11 Lion Lane in Westbury, and immediately became a “fireman’s fireman”.

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Robert E. Reed

Bob Reed joined Engine Company 4 of the East Meadow Fire Department on December 17, 1951. He resided at 46 Palm Lane Westbury, and was a charter member of Company 4.

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