East Meadow

Firefighter - Engine Company #3

George Leggio

On September 21, 1951, a young George Leggio joined the ranks as a firefighter in Engine Company # 3.

On May 21 1952,  at approximate 6pm, the East Meadow Fire Department  was alerted to a rubbish fire on the grounds of the Bowling Green School.

Engine Company 3 responded to the alarm with George on board.

While en-route to the fire, Engine 3  hit a bump in the road at the intersection of Land Lane and March Lane.

Firefighter Leggio was thrown from the apparatus and suffered serious head trauma.

Doctors at the Meadowbrook Hospital worked to save him, but efforts failed and he passed away at 9pm that evening.

Firefighter Leggio was survived by his wife Anita and daughter Lucille.

Other Members Making the Supreme Sacrifice

Walter A. Ernst

Walter Ernst joined Engine Company # 4 on May 15, 1972. He resided at 11 Lion Lane in Westbury, and immediately became a “fireman’s fireman”.

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Robert E. Reed

Bob Reed joined Engine Company 4 of the East Meadow Fire Department on December 17, 1951. He resided at 46 Palm Lane Westbury, and was a charter member of Company 4.

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