East Meadow

Youngest of E.M.F.D. Members Give Back for a Veteran Who Served our Country

On February 9th, the true colors of the younger members of the East Meadow Volunteer Fire Department shined a bright Red, White and Blue.

On this day the East Meadow Fire Department was alerted to a Signal 9 (Medical Emergency) for an East Meadow resident in distress.

As E.M.F.D. volunteer medical technicians treated the elderly resident, and gathered information about the patient’s sudden illness, they also learned that the patient, a United States war veteran, had suffered a medical emergency while attempting to fix a fence on the property.

East Meadow volunteers took immediate care of this hero, and transported the patient to the hospital where the resident received further treatment and eventually released.

In the meantime, this group of volunteers returned to the home, and put the fence back together.

An act of kindness greater than the word itself, that has warmed to hearts of all East Meadow’s bravest. Congratulations to our youngest of members for all you did for one of our veterans at a time when he needed you the must. You demonstrated the highest level of compassion and care for one of our residents, and your entire department is proud of your efforts on this day.