East Meadow

Ex-Captain James Landrigan

Fireman James Landrigan of the East Meadow Fire Department passed away Thursday, September 29th and the Nassau County Medical Center. Time of death was 3 A.M. Mr. Landrigan had suffered a heart attack the previous night.

Fireman Landrigan was an active Life Member of the East Meadow Fire Department having served with the department for the last 16 years. He was a former Captain of Engine Company 2 having served in that office twice around.

He suffered a heart attack while on active duty with the department on Wednesday night. He was taken immediately to the Nassau County Medical Center where he expired the following day.

He is survived by his two daughters, Patricia 19 and Donna 15.

Firematic services were held Monday morning at St. Raphael’s Roman Catholic Church on Newbridge Road, East Meadow. Over 1000 firemen from all over Long Island attended the services. He was buried in the Pinelawn National Cemetery.

You and I lost a friend today…

It’s tough to lose a friend that you have known for many years, and I feel sad.

In a way, it’s even tougher to lose a friend you never knew … and you never knew our friend Jim.
Jim had been a volunteer fireman in this community for more than sixteen years. I’ve ridden to many a fire with him in those years. I’m sure that at some time you saw him hanging on the back of the fire truck as we flew by … but you didn’t know him.

I’ve seen Jim happy, after we had made a good “stop” fighting a fire in your neighbor’s house. I’ve seen him angry when we answered an alarm in the middle of a freezing winter night … and found it was a false alarm. I’ve saw Jim cry when we tried … oh, how we tried … to make entry into a burning house, knowing there was a child … your neighbor’s child … trapped inside, but all in vain.

Our friend Jim suffered a heart attack last night. He suffered it while on one of the countless training sessions he has attended over the years. He trained and gave his time … and his life … to protect you, his neighbor … his friend.

You never knew your friend Jim.

How many real friends do we have whom we really don’t know???

written by Frank Colletti

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