East Meadow

Palm Lane House Fire Keeps EMFD Firefighters Busy

On May 10, 2022 at 08:24am, the first of phone calls began coming in to E.M.F.D. dispatch reporting a fire at the rear of a home on Palm Lane in Westbury. (A part of Westbury that falls in the East Meadow Fire District)

Within a minute, 2nd Asst Chief James Walsh radioed his response, quickly followed by Ladder 617 at 08:38am and Engine 612 at 8:39am. Minutes later, Chief Walsh arrived on the scene. With heavy smoke coming from the rear, Chief Walsh transmitted a Signal 98 (Work Ahead: first pumper in connects to a hydrant and stretches hose for the attack).

Taking no chances Chief Walsh upgraded the alarm to a Signal 10 (Working Fire: Initiating a re-alert of all radios and establishing a mutual aid plan to bring in neighboring departments for additional resources of scene manpower, a Rapid Intervention Team (RIT), and coverage to fill the emptied E.M.F.D. fire stations.

All this, as the additional companies of Engine 613, Engine 611, Engine 614, and Heavy Rescue 616, drew closer to the scene.

“First Due” Engine 613 soon arrived on the scene pulling their planned hose operation as other firefighters masked up to assist in the firefight.

On scene firefighters found a blaze that started in the rear exterior of the home which extended into parts of the first and second floors, as hose lines filled with water and ladders were thrown.

Within 20 minutes all visible fire had been knocked down as firefighters opened walls and ceilings to stop any hidden fire travel.

The fire was held mostly to the exterior rear and parts of the interior before volunteers gained the upper hand sparing the rest of the home. The home also sustained moderate smoke and water damage.

In all, 44 East Meadow volunteers responded to the blaze, with another 25 firefighters from the Westbury, North Bellmore, Levittown, and Uniondale Fire Departments.

The Nassau County Fire Marshal responded to the fire to investigate the cause of the fire.

There were no injuries.

STORY: John O’Brien Sr PHOTOS: John Morris