East Meadow

BBQ Safety & Gas Awareness

Each year the Chiefs, Officers, and members of your East Meadow Fire Department respond to BBQ emergencies in the backyards of our neighborhoods. Of no surprise, each year, several Long Island Fire Departments will respond to a serious fires with significant dollar loss as a result of a BBQ mishap.

Generator Safety

An emergency generator can be a very important part of our Lives at times during power outages. The most common models come in natural gas or gasoline or diesel power […]

What to Do After a Fire in Your Home

A home fire can cause serious damage. The structure, and many of the things in your home may be damaged by flames, heat, smoke, and water. You may find that things the fire did not burn are ruined by the smoke or soaked with water used to put out the fire.

Smoke Alarm and Detectors

Smoke Alarms and Detectors Smoke detectors are devices that automatically sound a warning when they sense smoke or other products of combustion. They are usually mounted on a wall or […]

Spring Safety

Spring Safety Checklist Below is an updated checklist for the community of East Meadow. For videos, downloads, and other Fire Safety Topics, see our Safety page. Spring Forward For Fire […]

Winter Safety

Below is an updated checklist for the community of East Meadow. For videos, downloads, and other Winter Fire Safety, see our Safety page.

Knox Box Information

The KNOX-BOX® solution is a secure rapid entry program specifically developed for fire departments. With one master key, the East Meadow Fire Department has the ability to gain access to commercial and residential properties located throughout the East Meadow Fire District.

Help Us, Help You

Please use the following form to help our First Responders assist you during emergencies. All information is kept confidential and used during an emergency at your location. The more information given will assist our First Responders greatly.

Residential Pre-Plan Form

Keep us informed about hazards or concerns at your property by filling out this secure online form. This information is stored and shared only when a call for service is received for your address.

Fire Prevention

The East Meadow Fire Department formed the Bureau of Fire Prevention in 1959. The goal of the Bureau of Fire Prevention is to promote fire safety and educate the public in regards to fire awareness as to prevent unnecessary destructive fires.