East Meadow

EMFD Fund Drive in Progress

Each year your East Meadow Volunteer Fire Department asks for your help during our annual fund drive season.

In 2020, as a direct result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the E.M.F.D. fund drive season was cut short with our organization voting unanimously to put the stop on all soliciting, primarily for the safety of our residents and members, but of equal importance, the financial strife many families have had to endure.

The year 2021 was a repeat, reducing the ability for our department to solicit your donations. All this as we battled another record year of countless EMS emergencies and fires combined. 2022 continued on this with Covid, RSV, and the Flu again taking center stage.

With donations ending considerably lower than expected in each of the past 3 years, our fire department funds were drastically cut or removed in many categories to ensure sufficient organizational operating funds for the year.

Now in 2023, we ask for your support once more finding ourselves in the same situation, while understanding yours.

For just a $36.50 a year,  “Dime A Day”, you can help us maintain the outstanding level of service our community has come to know.

The solicitation for a donation is now in the mail to your home.

Don’t have the funds this year?.  Please disregard this notice with our hopes for a better 2023.  Have the funds and want to donate more than the asking $36.50?  You would be making a difference in how our organization operates financially.

NOW YOU CAN DONATE ON LINE:  In 2023 you can make your donation with our safe and secure service. Simple go to our all new website at EastMeadowFD.Com. click on the Donation link on our home page and make your donation.

As we reach the beginning of the winter season, we all remain hopeful however the infection rate is again on the rise. Although the risks remain high, our volunteer ready for the next alarm…

Our Rescues 4 and 5 have been equal to the task in providing the best possible care we can give in the onslaught of these hi risk EMS calls right here in our community, while our firefighters respond to fire emergencies with the unknown of who may be sick at a fire scene.

We continue to train, run drills, and conduct meetings, all as we work to keep our responders up to date and safe.

With (13) serious fires in the last 12 months their outstanding performance shows with many homes saved by other well trained volunteers.

We remain hopeful that our residents will not forget this sound, professional organization, that proudly protects our community, when they need us the most.

Once received, your address will be removed from the list for any other 2023 mail reminders, should there be any others.

Facts are, our fire and EMS companies rely heavily on this once per year donation for all expenses to run our companies, and department for expenses not covered by your tax dollars. For this reason, our firefighters and medical technicians are directly impacted for their operating expense needs, refreshments after alarms, additional insurance, and many other purchases they will make during the year.

In closing, please be aware that there a several other organizations representing the fire service, some from out of New York State,  that could solicit your donation. Although some are valid companies that put money into the national fire service.  To date, none of this funding has ever gone to the benefit of our organization to protect the residents here in the East Meadow Fire District.

For that reason, we ask that you take a moment to ensure your mail-in donation is going directly to the East Meadow Volunteer Fire Department as outlined in our campaign with a return address of PO Box 101 East Meadow Avenue East Meadow New York 11554-0101.

Please take care of yourselves as we hope and pray for a 2023 turn-a-round.

On behalf of Chief Peter Stanley Cheswick, his Asst Chiefs  Philip FertittaJames Walsh, and Michael Wood, we wish all our residents a safer, happier, and healthier new year.