East Meadow

Philip Fertitta Accepts Highest Chief Honors

Yet another election year for the officers and members of the East Meadow Fire Department has passed as Chiefs and Company officers continue their plans on what they will accomplish to make their mark in the history of our organization.

EMFD Called to Extinguish House Fire

At 4:12pm Mon April 3rd East Meadow FD Communications received a call from Nassau County Firecon for a report of a House Fire on Stephen Street in Levittown. An area […]

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Your East Meadow Volunteer Fire Department is aggressively looking for new members to become Firefighters and or Medical Technicians.

EMFD Warns of Lithium Battery Dangers

For the past several years, Lithium Batteries have become more common in our everyday lives. Whether it powers your cell phone, I Pad, laptop, scooter, golf cart, E Bikes, or other battery powered interest, rest assured you have purchased a Lithium battery at one time or another.